Yellow Bikini

Unlike the girl in the song, you do not need to fear coming out of the water in an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie yellow bikini. At the beach, it is nice to see more of yellow, because it is a color closely associated with optimism and warmth. Aside from being sunny on its own, yellow would make a good choice for your bikini, because it can work wonders for a variety of skin tones. The color brings out the golden brown highlights on your hair. It also causes the golden brown tan that you are getting to stand out more, making you feel like a bronzed goddess on the beach. Yellow is among the few bikini colors that look great plain or printed. If you go for more subdued styles that draw attention to yourself rather than to your swimwear, you are better off with a plain one, and then simply accessorize with plastic bangles in a contrasting color, such as blue green.

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While some people would advise you not to wear yellow bikini bottoms or tops if you have pale skin, do not be discouraged just yet if you dream about donning a two-piece in this color. The trick is in getting the right shade that can be flattering for your skin tone.

Yellow Bikini

Getting the right shade

Before you rush out of the house and run to the nearest swimwear shop, find out what your natural skin tone is first. This will save you countless hours trying on several bathing suits in all shades of yellow. To get your natural skin tone, find a patch of skin where the sun does not hit your body, such as under your arm or your inner thighs. Give it a slight pinch and see what color it turns. Does it turn bluish, peachy, pinkish, reddish, or yellowish? That is your natural skin tone.

Paler or cooler skin tones may be lightened up by pastel yellow. However, steer clear of brighter shades that cause too much contrast, making your skin appear ghastly white instead of creating a vibrant effect. Girls with warmer skin tones, such as a touch of peach, pink, and golden brown, are quite lucky. They can get away with any shade of yellow, although marigold (a bright yellow with a hint of orange) brings out the best in their skin. Mimosa, a shade of yellow named after the tree whose flowers are of the same color, also helps these skin tones glow.

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